Mailman 3 Hosting

Mailman 3 is a next-generation Mailing List Management Application. It combines email and forum list features in a beautiful display of online harmony using our two modern apps: Affinity and Empathy. Host your email discussion or announcement lists in a beautiful modern forum-based approach. Mailman 3 still works like a traditional mailing list that utilizes email. It is the best of both worlds.

Our shared Mailman 3 hosting is perfect for those with 10 or less mailing lists. $4.50 a month per list and a one-time set up fee of $10 makes this a very affordable option. Affinity and Empathy is included along with full delivery support.

Our Mailman 3 cloud allows for unlimited lists at one affordable pricing. $45 per month and a $125 set up fee provides a powerful, scalable Mailman 3 list server. It includes Affinity and Empathy with full delivery support.