Affinity – Mailman Admin Interface

Affinity makes creating, configuring, and managing a Mailman 3 mailing list so simple you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Server Owner

  The Server Owner role within Affinity allows you to fully manage a Mailman 3 server. You can add list domains, create new Mailman 3 lists, create and assign List Owners and more. This role is only available to our Mailman 3 Cloud clients.

List Owner

A List Owner manages one or more Mailman 3 lists. The List Owner has access to list metrics, a user-friendly moderation queue, and a feature-rich list member management panel. List settings, custom templates, access to your list’s archives are all easily accessible via your List Owner board. This role is available via our Mailman 3 shared and cloud hosting service.

List Moderator

Affinity allows List Moderators to manage the moderation queue of their mailing list. If you are a moderator of multiple lists, then Affinity gives you access to all of your lists’ moderation queues via the Moderator board. Message and subscription moderation panels are updated in real-time. Ban management rounds out this feature rich section of Affinity.

List Member

A registered List Member is able to customize a number of features. You can set the timezone to view the date/time stamp of archived messages in your timezone. The UI allows you to set global preferences for all of your list subscriptions and you can even use it to unsubscribe from all lists at once. List Members have access to all their lists and to public lists via their Dashboard.