Empathy – Mailman Archiver Interface

Empathy is both an archiver with advanced searchable & sortable features, and a simple but elegant online forum.

Start Page

The Empathy start page does several things. It will show lists that registered users have a role with and public lists. It allows the finding of a list via a search field that will search all lists shown. Very helpful when you have over 50+ lists! Finally, lists can be sorted by activity, age, and alphabetical order.

List Page

The Empathy list page will show all of your archived threads for a single Mailman list. You can use this page to search through your archives. The list page will also allow you to create a new thread. It provides information such as number of replies and most active users in a thread. This page also utilizes infinity scrolling which speeds up the loading of an archive that has numerous threads.

Thread Page

The Empathy thread page shows all the replies in a particular thread. It also allows you to post a reply to the thread or a particular member. Quoting is supported. We also include a rich text editor for posting via the page. Finally, attachments can be uploaded and sent to a list via the Empathy thread page.

Search and Sort

Empathy makes use of a dynamic search engine called Elasticsearch. New messages sent to your Mailman 3 list are automatically indexed by Elasticsearch within minutes. Empathy also provides extensive sorting that helps to manage archives, even large ones, more easily.